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OlDonyo Sabuk National Park

Why OlDonyo Sabuk National Park

If you are looking for an adventure in a rugged, fascinating, and breathtaking region with lush vegetation, then you need to visit the OlDonyo Sabuk National Park. OlDonyo Sabuk is a densely forested mountain, which is primarily referred to as ‘The Mountain of the Buffalo’ by the Kikuyus, who are one of the most dominant Bantu tribes in Kenya. The Maasai, which is a Nilotic tribe in Kenya, refer to this mountain as ‘The Big Mountain.’

The OlDonyo Sabuk Mountain located inside the Park is 2, 145 meters tall, making an ideal hiking ground. The Park has lush vegetation that offers an extreme habitat to many wild animals and birds. Even more exciting about traveling to this Park is that you get to enjoy the view of the gorgeous Fourteen Falls, the ancient Sir William Northrup McMillan grave, interactions with the Kamba community, and the beautiful views of both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How to get there

By Road: OlDonyo Sabuk National Park is located 85 km north-east of Nairobi. Any visitor from Nairobi must travel through the Thika Super-Highway up to Thika. After arriving toThika town, one must then continue 22 km along the main Garissa road to Makutano junction. Upon arrival at the Junction, proceed to follow the KWS sign and turn right, driving 3 km on an all-weather murram road until you reach Donyo town. At Donyo, turn right and drive for 2 more kilometers to the main gate.

By Air: There are no close flights in the area. Similarly, no direct flights are leading to the Park.

What to Expect at OlDonyo Sabuk National Park

Vast Bird Species: The Park is home to more than 45 species of birds some of which include the white-browed sparrow weaver, the African pied wagtail, augur buzzard, grey-headed sparrow weaver, African hawk eagle, mourning dove, and purple-breasted sunbird.

Wildlife: There are very many wild animals in the Park including buffaloes, lions, leopards, bushbucks, aardvarks, porcupines, pythons, mongoose, rock hyrax, common duiker, vervet monkey, bush pig, olive baboons, among many more.

Great Hiking and Camping Experiences: Most hikers and campers refer to the Park as the best place to acquire the ultimate panoramic experience of your lifetime. The terrain is perfect for hikers, and the grasslands very convenient for visitors looking forward to camping.

The McMillan Grave: This is one prehistoric cite since it is the place where the famous American multimillionaire and philanthropist; Sir William Northrup McMillan was buried.


The icing on the cake after visiting this Park . It allows its visitors to enjoy one of the fascinating camping experiences. It is because you get to camp at Turacco Public Campsite, Rock Hyrax, or Summit Campsite.

Why OlDonyo Sabuk National Park Is Famous

  • It has one of the fascinating Montane landscapes
  • The Park houses an unusual burial site known as the McMillan grave which is the grave of Sir William Northrup McMillan
  • Wildlife Watching
  • It is flocked with abundant forest birds
  • Fourteen Falls
  • You can easily spot the scenic views of Mt Kenya from the summit

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